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Welcome to Friskens Fiske in Östveda, Hedesunda.

If you are interested in fishing and outdoor life in an idyllic environment - Welcome to Friskens fiske, located in Östveda outside of the small village Hedesunda.  Here you have the opportunity to stay in newly built cabins with a view of "Bramsöfjärden" which is a Nature2000 area, which is known for its spectacular natur and great bird life.

Even if you aren't interested in fishing, this area can offer you a lot of other activities. The cabins are located near "Dalälven" where you can swim, go boating or just relax. If you go boating you have access to your own resting-place with a barbecue.

In the area there is a lot of tourist attractions, as Gysinge Bruk, Sala Silvergruva, Mackmyra whiskey, Taste of Africa, Kybacka moosefarm, Furuviksparken.

We have wifi in the cabins, free of charge at normal use. 

Even if you are just driving through Hedesunda, this could be a good place to spend the night.